Extreme (ik’ strim ): very great, beyond what is usual or expected.

Equinox (‘i kwe, naks): two times during the year when the sun crosses the equator, and day & night are of equal length. Roughly March 21st and September 23rd.

Equinox Extreme R is all about clothing and accessories uniquely designed for outdoor activities such as climbing,

Backpacking, trekking, rafting and other outdoor pursuits.

The name symbolizes the two day of the year marking the most extreme seasons: summer and winter. We work to meet the extremes so you can play to the extreme.

Equinox ExtremeR ’s manufactures and designers from around the world us revolutionize the us of construction and materials.

Advances in technology push our ADVENTEK GEARTM and ALTITUDE SYSTEMTM lines to the edge and provide real innovative function and features.

Climbers, rafters, trekkers and professional guides test our gear constantly so that we can extend the envelope of extreme function, fit and quality. Every ADVENTEK GEARTM,DRYTEKTM and ALTITUDETM shirt, pant, short, and outerwear it built to exceed the limits. We push the limits of innovation in construction, design and function to allow you to push your limits outdoors,with extreme confidence.

KOLDFUSIONTM: We developed KOLDFUSIONTM to join two fabrics together without excessive heat which can damage quality materials. Unlike conventional stitching or ‘hot gluing’ of fabrics, the resulting weld id as strong as the original materials.

The advantages to you of KOLD FUSIONTM include unique, clean designs, less weight, reduction of bulky seams, increased comfort and durability.